Over the years, hacking and other such related cybercrime is a concerning issue not only in the developed countries but all over the world. Cybercrime, as we all know, is mainly related to spy on the victims, steal information and crucial data or manipulate them, and demand for lump sum amount of money. 

One such popular and very much common hacking incident is the hack of a credit card. The question is what to do when your credit card gets hacked. 

  • Confirm

Yes, the first and foremost thing one should and must consider doing is to confirm whether the bank card is actually hacked or not. 

This is because there are many scams that might convey some of the other messages that your card is being hacked, even if it's not. In return, they will definitely ask you for CVV or BIN in order to provide you so-called protection from hackers. 

  • Visit CVV store

Most of the victims or those people whose credit cards are hacked block their cards from the officials. However, the experts recommend visiting a CVV store instead of blocking your credit card or even debit card from further transactions. 


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